BEMORE2022: It’s time to Light up more homes in Ondo

It’s the turn of a girl to have her personal laptop, turn of a house to enjoy 24hrs light , turn of a girl to acquire one or two entrepreneurial skills to start contributing to the family’s economic development and be self-reliant.

The BEMORE Empowered Initiative of the wife of Ondo State Governor, Chief Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, has unarguably, impacted the Ondo society in a greater way. Prior to the 2021 edition, the BEMORE Summer Bootcamp 4girlsnaija, focused, mainly on training girls in Information and Communication Technology and distribution of laptops to each of the participating girls; it also teaches them on building and installing solar panels to counter the archaic belief that limits girlchild to certain professions, especially Technology and science which are assumed to be for boys.

The BENEFITS provided by this life-changing Initiative keep increasing year in year out. The 2021 edition added another value to the initiative with the inclusion of distributing solar home system device to over 300 partipating girls, as a takehome gift in addition to the brand new laptop.

Ashdam solar facilitator training the girls on building and installing solar panel

To some, BEMORE is just a pet project of the First Lady, but those who took time to visit the two weeks Bootcamp, realised that it’s more than a one-off investment, rather a lifelong one.

Many homes, especially in the riverine areas have been in total darkness for years.
They’ve suffered national electricity collapse without any modern alternative. Fortunately, for them, BEMORE initiative provides solution to the electricity problem when some girls from the area displayed some habits that revealed lack of exposure to power supply.

The Founder, knowing the effects of electricity in making the girls actualise the skills embedded in them at the Bootcamp, introduced distribution of home solar system(renewable energy), which is capable of lighting three bedrooms apartment with charging ports to power their phones and laptops, thereby, also solving communication problem. Renewable energy’s source is from sunlight which is freely provided by nature, hence, the reason it should be embraced by all.

BEMORE is a citizen-driven project, this is evident in its mode of sponsorship. The Founder, in ensuring that it touches the lives of the disadvantaged girls in the rural communities, made it a non-governmental thing, rather individual’s and organisation’s sponsored.

Bemore girls displayed their solar oven during closing ceremony’s exhibition

According to her, there are many well-to-do individuals in the society who didn’t know how they can contribute, meaningfully, to their immediate environment or how to channel their resources to the needy. BeMORE proffers solution to this challenge by encouraging sponsors from the public, irrespective of political and religion affiliations. Individuals who had traversed the world, knowing how projects are being executed by private individuals in developed countries to assist government, put aside political sentiment and embraced the BEMORE project.

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With over 300 homes lit up last year in Ondo State through BEMORE, another Initiative was birthed called ARABIRIN LIGHT UP ONDO STATE with 1,000 target before 2023. Under this initiative, some women were given this solar home system in December during the 3rd Summit of the Foundation for Wives of Ondo State Officials and Female Political Appointees (FOWOSO), another women empowerment project of the First Lady.

A visit to houses of some girls who participated in last year’s Bootcamp, revealed the impact of the solar home system. It’s not surprising that in this 21st century some households still make use of lantern that emit smoke some of these girls fall into this category using lantern to read. Thanks to BEMORE, they are now enjoying harmless, and 24hrs source of power supply. The mission of lighting up Ondo State is possible if more individuals embrace this project. The 2022 edition is here and registration ongoing. If 500 girls participate in this year’s edition, it means 500 laptops, 500 solar home system.

Gradually, we’ll be saying goodbye to darkness. Through partnership and networking, by introducing this idea to foreign donors and renewable energy firms, the solar system can be upgraded to the type that can power other home appliances, thereby, lessen the suffering meted out on Nigerians by electricity distribution companies. Let’s light up Ondo!
Sponsor a girl today.

Mary Agidi
Special Assistant to Ondo State Governor on Media (Office of the First Lady)
July 4, 2022.


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