Ondo: Massive turnout at PSTI, as trainings on Management Courses begin

By Roland Bayode

Following the Flag-off ceremony by Ondo State Government to commence training of workers at its Public Service Training Institute(PSTI), Ilaramokin, registration for Executive Management Courses witnessed a large turnout as participants resumed on Saturday at their various centres across the state.

The 6 months intensive program which comprises Executive Management Course for Education Managers (for Education Officers & Teachers); and Executive Management Course in Public Sector Management (for other public servants) is geared toward improving the precepts, principles, and standards of educators as well as civil servants in the state so they can connect, compete as well as improve their workforce performance on a transnational phase.

Speaking with JATS at the centre, a participant, Mr. Akinwunmi Rotimi, disclosed that he was excited about the training, describing it as an avenue to learn and foster their knowledge in terms of practical applications at their various locales; as he appreciated the government for such opportunity.

“I feel good because it’s like an in-service training for us to remember what we have been taught before and so far we have received over four large lectures today.

“Even with the little time we spent here with the lecturers, most of the things that we have forgotten in the past are coming back into memory, so I must confess this is awesome training.

The Vice Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Comrade Mrs. A.yinuola who was present at the CAC Grammar School, Akure Center noted that the need to be updated was a necessary thing for all. Saying, “most especially teachers who are teaching and changing narratives in the society, the need for them to increase knowledge to meet up to the recent developments and technological advancements is an imperative thing.

“The essence of this course is not just for them to be coming to classrooms but to have better orientation and knowledge. As far as the teaching profession is concerned, this is beyond getting certificates or getting promotions with it, Knowledge is power; so there is a need for us all to increase our knowledge so we can compete favorably in any situation we find ourselves in life.”

The Centre Coordinator at Commercial Grammar School, Mr. ThankGod Ajabowei opined that the programme was a welcomed and accepted idea that would help to equip and further empower them beyond the present moment.

He said, ” It’s a good start from here because we already have over 60 students in attendance here and this is our fourth lecture presently. So, as you can all see, we love what we see and it’s our hope and joy that this programme has come and we believe it has come to stay.”

He said, “This training will help lots of the participants, especially those who are working to understand the basic and essential need for improvements and acquiring knowledge in life.

“We believe that whatever we learn here will help us not only at this present but later on in life. In our activities, in our various organizations, and any other place we find ourselves. This will also help because it will eventually reflect on us, moreover, no knowledge is a waste, therefore, this is an essential knowledge that everyone needs to take with all seriousness.”

Famese Joseph in his reaction added that the training is a positive one that has shown them all the relevancy of knowledge and training.

“This shows us that when you are working in an establishment, there is need for one to go for training and I believe having something like this is just a great one because it helps to refresh our minds, and I also believe this knowledge will equip us with needed and essential proficiency to enhance our activities and performance in discharging our duties,” he said.

Femi Olukoju said he was fascinated by the training because it helps them improve their skills.

He said, “It will help people like us in the Education Ministry to increase our academic techniques so that we can be able to impact more and affect the community, affect our society with great impacts. So we appreciate the government for bringing this to us. We believe having this will help us get our next promotion easily and beyond that, it will help us improve as individuals, so we are grateful for this opportunity.”

The Permanent Secretary/Director-General of the Public Service Training Institute, (PSTI) Prophet Ekpobomini Baptist Jide who was on the visit to check the atmosphere and welfare of the participants at their various centres, expressed his pleasure in the turnout of the participants and urged them to take every session with all seriousness, saying “every knowledge counts”.

He said, “In the whole state, the teachers registered are not going to be less than 1,000 participants for now. We have over 1,000 and we know that not all who register may turn up but we believe that at least 1000 participants will turn out for the program.

The Director General disclosed that despite the environmental sanitation, the turnout was something that shows people are anticipating the kickoff of the program.

“This is meeting the expectation of people and we are starting as scheduled today, despite the environmental sanitation, We have a massive turnout. This particular class has over 100 participants, we have over 80 participants in the previous one we visited. We have other sessions going on across other centers with good numbers of participants in attendance, so we are delighted to have this figure for a start and we believe the figure will increase more as they continue”.

He added that their aim and expectations at the end of the training were to make an essential impact so that public service will be very strong in terms of productivity, and also on the part of the teachers. This, according to him will help the administration and also help the participants solve contemporary challenges in their various schools, offices and area of management.

The program is going to be a 6 months program of two semesters 3 months each for the first batch. At the end of the training, participants will also be issued their certifications.

The study centers for the training are situated across the local government of the State like the Akure study Center, Owo study center, Ikare study center, Okitipupa study center, Ondo study center, and others.


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