HIJAB Day: Ondo FOMWAN seeks use of cover by Muslim girls in public Schls

The Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN) Ondo State chapter has appealed to the state government
to approve the use of hijab by muslim girls in the state public schools to avoid being harassed.

The association made the appeal during this year World Hijab Day celebration in Akure, the State capital.

Delivering a lecture to commemorate this year celebration, titled “Hijab My Progression Not Oppression” a Guest Lecturer and former Amirah of the association in the state, Alhaja ldayat Jimoh appealed to the state government to give approval to the wear of hijab in the state public schools to maintain their modesty.

According to her, the prevention of Muslim girls from using hijab in the state public schools was amount to the denial of their right to obey the injunction of Islam and the commandment of Allah on muslim women as obligatory to wear hijab.

The lecturer, who is also Assistant Zonal Co-ordinator Southwest ll for FOMWAN, said hijab is the identity and respect for muslim women and not oppression by its user against other faiths.

While advising muslim women and girls to always display good attitude with the use of the hijab, Jimoh condemned the users of hijab with trousers,mini skirt and other pornographic dresses.

“As ambassadors of Islam be conscious of your speech, behaviour whereevet you find yourselves with the use of hijab” she said.

She, therefore, noted that if the its use in the public schools is approved it will enhance progress in Islam and bring caution to muslim girls in the society.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Imam of Akure Kingdom, Alhaji AbdulHakeem Yayi-Akorede, said the use of hijab is not barbaric rather the establishment by Allah.

Yayi-Akorede,who also appealed to the state government to give approval to the use of hijab in public schools for muslim girls said government should also have a participatory support in commemoration of World Hijab Day on February 1 set aside for its celebration.

“Government should make its presence known at the yearly celebration of the hijab day as a muslim programme that should be given necessary support like new year crossover for Christians .

“Government should give muslim women and girls their due respect.

“Who puts on hijab, put on beauty, protection, respect, and benefit, ” the cleric stated

On her part, the state Ameerah of the association, explained that hijab is a divine garment prescribed for muslim women as a means of worship and identity.

She described as crass ignorance among people who convinced muslim women that hijab dress is an Arab culture.

Ameerah, who noted that this year celebration makes it 11 years since the start of the World Hijab Day to serve a means of advocacy of the rights of Muslim women to wear hijab said it is an international movement against the discrimination of Muslim women who have faced abuse because they dressed in according to their faith.

Also, the representative of National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO), Mr. Abdulwaasii Yuusuf, said it is the due right of Muslim girls in public schools to wear hijab in fulfilment to Allah’s commandment for their protection.

Highlight of the event, which included the early walk by the participants from Central Mosque,Akure through Oba Adesida road to Adegbemile Cultural Centre ended at the Central Mosque.

Other highlight of the event was the recitations by pupils of Muslim schools on the use of hijab.


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One thought on “HIJAB Day: Ondo FOMWAN seeks use of cover by Muslim girls in public Schls

  1. Please don’t start war in ondo state we’ve seen state where this has course a terrible fracas in nigeria e.g Keara state. Hijab doesn’t translate to what’s in your brain. Ondo state is a loving and peaceful state.


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